Having to verify kindle docs despite using an approved email

First of all, love the extension, sending web articles to my kindle to read is a godsend.

I’ve been using it for years, and yet I’ve recently started receiving these emails from Amazon when I’m pushing articles to my Kindle.

I’ve got the extension set-up to send from my gmail address, and my gmail address is registered in the Amazon “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”, so I believe it should upload the file straight to the device without this authorisation step required. Has anything changed on the Push to Kindle end? I can’t see anything I can change on the Amazon side to stop these verification emails coming through.


Hi Mark,

This is a change at Amazon. Others have remarked on it on Reddit and MobileRead:

Some in the Reddit thread suggest changing your Send-to-Kindle address so the part before the @ is different from your sending address. E.g. if your send-to-kindle address is john.smith@kindle.com and your sending address is john.smith@example.com, that might be why you’re now getting these messages from Amazon. You could try changing the send-to-kindle address to make it different and see if that helps. (Obviously if you do, you’ll need to edit the ‘Send to’ field in Push to Kindle with the new address. :slight_smile: )

Hi, thanks for sending on the links, that’s really helpful. I’ve fixed the issue but I found it was even more fiddly than suggested.

I changed my send-to-kindle address from john.smith@kindle.com to john.smith_new@kindle.com but I still received the verification email. It wasn’t until I changed the email to something more significantly different like jsmith22@kindle.com that the article was sent directly without verification.

Your milage may vary, but simply appending an underscore and some letters/numbers may not be enough to get around this issue.


Interesting! Good to know. Thanks for the update, Mark. Hope this will help others experiencing the same issue.