Verify your Kindle document [request]

I suddenly started getting Amazon verification requests for every email I send via PushToKindle!

I’m aware that this is not a new topic and has been discussed here, on reddit and elsewhere. Many people propose to try different email addresses. I changed my addresses (device, sender) multiple times to always completely distinct ones, usually containing characters and numbers. But to no avail! I still get the verification request every time! This is very annoying because I’m a “power” Push-To-Kindle user and this really destroys my user experience!

What I found interesting is the fact that the Push-To-Kindle browser plugin always after the sending shows "Sent to! The “free” is different to what the Amazon kindle page wants as domain which only is “”! Maybe that this creates the problem (although it worked for years)?

Could you,, try to change this target domain from “” to “”?

I just found out that I could enforce the domain “” by toogling of “Avoid Amazon charges”. It did not help!

What a mess!

Can’t you provide a service for paying customers to receive the forwarded verification requests and somehow automatically verify them by calling the link. Should not be to difficult! Just provide a receiving email address and build a small app which can extract the link and load it! Would be a great service to your paying customers!

Hi Felix,

It is an annoying change at Amazon’s end. Especially as they don’t make clear exactly how they determine when verification is needed.

One Push to Kindle user wrote:

I changed my send-to-kindle address from to but I still received the verification email. It wasn’t until I changed the email to something more significantly different like that the article was sent directly without verification.

In our own tests, this is still the case. In most cases adding as an approved address in your Kindle account and telling Push to Kindle to use that is enough to avoid these verifications emails (assuming the first part of your Kindle address doesn’t contain ‘kindle’).

Can’t you provide a service for paying customers to receive the forwarded verification requests and somehow automatically verify them by calling the link.

As far as we’re aware, these verification emails go the main email address associated with the Amazon account, not to any address passed in via Push to Kindle. So any solution would also require the user to set up automatic forwarding of these verification emails to our own handler. It should be possible, but we’d want to be able to reproduce the problem ourselves first.

If there are other users reading this with this problem (where changing the email addresses so that the send to address and the send from address being significantly different still produces these verification emails), please let us know.

Just an update to say there do appear to be others who are experiencing something similar. It appears to be a recent change at Amazon’s end. See

We have finally been able to reproduce this issue using various different ‘send from’ addresses.

Our own ‘’ address doesn’t appear to be affected in our tests (we send those from a different server). Are you able to change your send from address to ‘’ in Push to Kindle and whitelist it according to the instructions here (Step 4):

Let us know if you still have trouble when you do this.

Thank you, that solved the problem!

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Good to hear! We’ve written more about this recent change here: Update on recent changes to Amazon’s Kindle service