ContentExtractor.php error on line 860

The logic that does parsing of feed assumes that there are always child nodes, but sometimes there might be none. This is typical for “comics” RSS feeds where entire body content might be just single image. It should have same check if ($this->body->hasChildNodes()) { like the code block few lines below it, otherwise it gets to NPE (Null Pointer Exception) with no attributes on null object of $firstChild.

Example feed to replicate - Dilbert

Ahh, thank you for reporting this. We’ll have this fixed in the next update. It appears to only appear when running on PHP 8. Is that what you’re using too?

Yes indeed, seems to be PHP 8 specific. Perhaps it’s now more restrictive to such scenarios. Note - was typo in main post, the condition is inverted (only filter tags if child nodes are present)

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We’ve now fixed this in the latest release of Full-Text RSS. If you notice any more issues, please do let us know. Thanks again for the report.