ContentExtractor.php error on line 864

Its related or similar to issue in

If previously there was scenario with 0 childnodes, I noticed scenario for one of RSS feeds with childnodes > 0, but one of childnodes being null, this way nodeType query would fail as firstChild is null.
Unfortunately, I haven’t saved the exact feed I saw issue on.

If you get this error again, please do share the error message with us (and if you have it, the source URL).

Hi there,
this error occurs to me in version 3.9.11 of ftr. The feed link is: - TK-IT News komplett

The error output is:

Warning: Attempt to read property “nodeType” on null in /www/htdocs/xxx/fulltext-rss-pro/libraries/content-extractor/ContentExtractor.php on line 864

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/fulltext-rss-pro/libraries/content-extractor/ContentExtractor.php:864) in /www/htdocs/xxx/fulltext-rss-pro/libraries/feedwriter/FeedWriter.php on line 102

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/xxx/fulltext-rss-pro/libraries/content-extractor/ContentExtractor.php:864) in /www/htdocs/xxx/fulltext-rss-pro/libraries/feedwriter/FeedWriter.php on line 105 - TK-IT News komplett … (truncated)


Hi Axel,

We can’t reproduce this when trying to load the feed in our instances of Full-Text RSS. I wonder if you’re able to provide debug output from your instance. And if you can send us the compatibility test output, that’d be useful too.

You can email those to us at if you’d prefer not to paste and share it here in the forum.

Hi there,
the feed works again. But as you could have seen from my post it did not (obviously temporarily).

Anyway: How would I have provided a debug output? Is there any help text?

When you enter the feed URL in the Full-Text RSS form, before you click ‘Create Feed’, you can check the ‘Debug’ checkbox. Then when you press Create Feed you’ll get debug info that you can share with us.

The compatibility test file tells us which components and their versions you have running on your server, which can also help us figure out why you might be receiving an error message. That file is named ftr_compatibility_test.php. You should load it in your browser where you’ve installed Full-Text RSS, e.g.