WP integration


Sounds really helpful and planning to buy the self-hosted version but want to be sure it does what I need it for.

I’m running a WP site with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rss-multi-importer/
Problem is, I get only partial feeds of course.

I tested here at your website and seems to work really nice in order to get the full content. But HOW will I integrate with the WP plugin? Will I get, for each RSS feed, a new link that returns the full content? I already read your doc but don’t really understand how it works and whether the links I get are permanent so that I may use them in the plugin’s settings as feed sources.


Hi John,

Thanks for the question. I can’t help you with the use of this plugin (best to reach out to the plugin developers if you need help with it), but I can explain what Full-Text RSS does.

Generally speaking, the purpose of Full-Text RSS is to produce a feed that is a mirror of the original feed but with full content instead of partial content. So, yes, you will get a new link (URL) when you use Full-Text RSS and the intention is that you use this new URL in place of the original in your feed reading application. This new feed relies on the original feed, so it will update when the original does.

Hope that’s some help.

Great, that’s fine then.

Thanks a lot!

PS: I didn’t get an email notification when your reply was posted.