Wordpress plugin - pre-sales question


Can FiveFilters be used from within the Wordpress Dashboard (as a plugin) for an Editor to generate a PDF from Wordpress articles or have I missed something?


Hi Gavin, no, our PDF Newspaper application is a standalone web application, not a WordPress plugin. But it can work with feeds produced by WordPress and other sites. Using a feed as input, however, means you cannot choose which articles get included in the PDF (the latest articles which appear in the feed will be selected). Alternatively, you can give PDF Newspaper the URL to a single WordPress post, and it will produce a PDF just from that post. If you’d like to create a PDF from more than one article, but without relying on the latest provided by the feed, you can use our Feed Creator: http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/index-fromlist.php (enter one URL per line and then click PDF Newspaper).

Hope that’s some help.