Wordpress Error


I am using your self-hosted solution and it works great, the problem is when I try to syndicate the feed with feedwordpress I get this strange result:


as you see it seems like a parsing problem but I get the content on the body of my page. The original feed is this which is showing correctly in a browser:

any clues we are really desperate looking for the answer. Thank you!

Hi Felix, it looks like the HTML output is being placed inside your meta element. The value there should just be plain text, not HTML. This is what I see:

<meta property="og:description" content=" <h5>José M. Lozano Motos | Madrid</h5> <p>Algunas de las pastillas dispensadas en las tiendas de homeopatía para paliar el dolor de garganta forman parte de los mitos, según el <b>jefe del Servicio de Otorrinolaringología del Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal de Madrid, el doctor Ignacio Cobeta</b>.</p> <p>Así lo ha indicado el experto a <b>ConSalud.es</b>... <p>That’s clearly wrong.</p>

Thank you Keyvan,

Yes, wordpress uses meta tags to input the post text, it is Full-text Rss who is bringing these html code with the feed and I would love to know some tips to prevent that.
thank you for your help.


Hi Felix, it looks to me like the problem lies with whatever you’re using to take an RSS feed and input it into WordPress. Full-Text RSS by itself doesn’t do anything special for WordPress. It simply aims to create a valid RSS feed with full article content - and yes, that means HTML will be part of it.

Whatever you’re using, it’s trying to take that HTML produced by Full-Text RSS and place it inside the og:description meta tag. HTML has no place in such an element, so you’ll have to contact the people responsible for the software that’s attempting to that - it’s not Full-Text RSS, and I doubt it’s WordPress either (perhaps a plugin or something else).

Hope that’s some help.