Will FTR support script generated pages?

Is there a plan for FTR to support script generated pages and if so when should that happen?

For an example of such pages, check out http://english.hani.co.kr/rss/english_edition/

Yes, we’re looking into offering this, but whether it becomes part of FTR or offered seperately, we’re not sure about yet. To support script-generated pages means using a headless browser of some sort on the server. The way FTR works now is very resource efficient and fast compared to systems that use headless browsers to fetch web page content.

In the case of the site you’ve sent, however, the content is actually embedded in the page, but in a Javascript block. We’re looking into supporting pages like this where we can get FTR to process Javascript blocks to look for content. Once we have that in place, we’ll be able to support sites like this without (but perhaps not all script-generated pages).

Thank you. I’m looking forward to when FTR can process JS block.

I was wondering indeed if having a headless browser to deal with such pages would be too slow making it impractical, and hence a self defeating improvement.