Why can’t this link be sent?

Hello. I just bought this app, so I’m a little disappointed that it only seems to be able to send “some” links…

Here is one that just gives me a “Problem sending” error after spinning for about 1 minute: https://thesweetsetup.com/apps/the-very-best-journaling-logging-app/

Please advise. I would like to be able to send articles to my Kindle consistently. Thanks.

UPDATE: In the end, the link WAS sent to the Kindle, several times. But I always received an error message when I sent it (after waiting a long time).

Hi there, sorry to hear that. I can see that Push to Kindle is picking up images twice on this site (due to the way images are marked up), so my guess is that it creates an additional delay when processing. But you shouldn’t be getting an error, only a longer wait time until the success message shows up. Can you tell me if it was the Android or iOS app that you used? Happy to look into it.

It’s on iOS. Thanks!