When will you update your app?

Team of fivefilters, Hi,

 Happy to know that you would add kindle.cn and iduokan.com to your next update of app, cause I am the user of both. I have looked for such a tool for long, and through the information on our Duokan BBS, I got you! May I ask when will you release your next update?

I bought too!! Do please release the update soon!!!

Jack Lee

Update should be out before the end of the month. Thanks for the reminders.

i recently discovered your extension for opera and i like it very much.
I’d like to use it un my android phone too! i need to install it from the amazon app-shop, but the version on it is quite old. Are you going to update the app-shop version or will you leave it inactive? Thank you


Hi Federico,

Thanks for the question. The app itself is mostly a small interface over our web service, so if you don’t use kindle.cn or iduokan.com or pbsync.com as send destination, you won’t notice any difference in the Amazon version as our Google version. If you use one of these send destination, you will have to wait until we update the Amazon app. We do intend to do it. I’m afraid I can’t say when though.

Best, Keyvan from FiveFilters.org