Webpage with equivalent separate selectors for item and its date


I’m trying to create a feed from https://www.commsupdate.com/lists/country/russia/. This page has a table structure for container, the items and its dates are equivalent selectors.

Until now I have struggled to get all items with its dates. Is there any syntax trick I could use to associate items with adjacent dates?

Current version of feed is https://createfeed.bazqux.com/extract.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.commsupdate.com%2Flists%2Fcountry%2Frussia%2F&in_id_or_class=mt-5&unique_url=1&max=10&order=document

I can’t think of a way to get both of these elements to be included using the selectors we offer.

But a workaround is to extract the date from the URL. If you update to using Feed Creator 2.1 where we introduced attribute selectors. You can do the following:

We’re using a @href as the item date selector. This selects the href attribute on the link as the date source. These URLs currently look like this:

  • /articles/2020/07/14/akado-upgrading-network-under-moscow-new-build-programme/
  • /articles/2020/07/13/mvno-monday-a-guide-to-the-weeks-virtual-operator-developments/
  • /articles/2020/06/19/cable-compendium-a-guide-to-the-weeks-submarine-and-terrestrial-developments/

We then use the following date format to get the date out from these URLs:


The /*/ should match the /articles/ URL segment and then Y/m/d matches the date. And + tells PHP to ignore the rest of the string (not to treat it as an error).

Hope that’s some help.

Edit: Fixed link!

Thanks a lot! I came here for some hints and did not expect you would fix it for me, that is very generous of you.

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