WaPo Article Gets Cut Off

I tried to send a WaPO article using P2K, and it cuts off after the first section. It DOES however preserve the section headings and bullets, which is really great.

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/home/2023/06/30/july-home-maintenance-checklist/

Hi @Ana, please try again. Should be fixed now.

@fivefilters, I am not Ana :wink: but checked it too. Unfortunately the P2K preview say “Unable to retrieve content”.

The new config works great with self-hosted FTR, while the old one showed less then Ana’s example.

Wallabag also gets all content, but the subheadings missing here. Will investigate this on Monday or Tuesday.

I hope, WP ist not blocking P2K servers… because ftr.fivefilters.net say’s that the WP-domain is on FiveFilters block list by request of source site’s owner.

@Ana if your are using a desktop browser, try to use the plugin or bookmarklet. I am at night shift at the moment, so I can’t test now, if that works.

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OK @fivefilters, fortunately it is not a block by WP. I found out that there is ‘just’ a problem with your entry point at www.pushtokindle.com/get-started. Any URL provided here (other domains too), are not passed to send.php anymore, it always results in this URL:

when replacing ‘undefined’ manually with the source’s URL it works well.

Thanks for letting us know, @HolgerAusB!

This should be fixed now!


confirmed, thank you.

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Thanks for the assist! I use the browser plugin on desktop, and it seems to be fixed now.

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