Video Embed

I keep getting the following [embedded content] when trying to embed videos

Hi Mike, can you give me an example URL where you see this? It might be that the video content is being embedded with Javascript rather than an iframe. If that’s the case, Full-Text RSS cannot currently preserve the video as we don’t process any Javascript. But it should be possible to remove the [embedded content] text from the output.

here is a example of the video link http://www.bosschicks. com/solange-talks-motherhood-with-angie-martinez-video. if the video doesnt show up how do you removed [embedded content] from the output


Hi Mike, the video appears to show up fine here:

If your Full-Text RSS output looks different to this, please email a URL to us so we can have a look:

Keyvan i can only see the video in the feed when viewing chrome in Firefox i see [embedded content] also, when it comes to posting the video via websites it still only shows [embedded content] instead of the video, do i need to have a plugin or something to parse the video?


Hi Mike, the issue here is not the feed we generate, but how it’s rendered in your browser. Our feed contains the embedded video as an iframe, but Firefox chooses not to display it when displaying the feed. In Chrome it is displayed. If you experience the same problem in your feed reader, then you have to contact the people responsible for the feed reader and ask them about the issue.

To give you an example, if you load our feed in a feed reader like Feedly, you will see that the video is preserved and playable: