URL list RSS ?

Can you show us an example to explain what the idea of this feature is?

I think, I got it now.
You can provide a list of urls, which then will be converted into a static rss feed containing those urls.

If the list contains URLs which each redirect to an regularly updating sub-page, then the resulting RSS feed would become dynamic, right?

That happens when you combine the basic URLs-to-RSS output of Feed Creator with Full-Text RSS. The basic output Feed Creator produces just takes your input URLs and formats them into a minimal static feed, without any article fetching. By itself, it’s not very useful.

But if you combine it with Full-Text RSS (we provide a shortcut in Feed Creator), the feed will be expanded and those item URLs will be fetched when the feed gets checked. So if they produce different content, or redirect to a different URL, depending on when they’re fetched, you’ll end up with a dynamic feed.

If the URLs redirect to new URLs, you might want to pass in the use_effective_url parameter to Full-Text RSS, depending on your use case.