Unable to send article with right Chinese title this week

Push to kindle is super useful for me and I have been using it to extract both Chinese and English webpages for years. This week it happened to me that though both Chinese and English webpages can be extracted with the right preview, they didn’t look right on my kindle. The English articles had right titles but with the author “unknown” (used to be the website address); The Chinese articles all had the website address as titles and with the author “unknown”. I don’t know what changes have been made to Push to kindle but I do want it to go back to normal.

Right ones one week ago:

Wrong ones this week:

Hi there, unfortunately there appears to be a problem at Amazon’s end. We haven’t changed the way we produce the ebooks. Here are some threads on metadata handling Kindle users have noticed recently:

Thanks. Seems that I can only wait for Amazon to fix it. :joy:

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There’s still no fix as far as we can see, but we hope they’ll fix it soon. We’ve written up a blog post explaining the situation here: