"Unable to retrieve full text" is obtained if the links in the feed are in arabic characters

Nice script, thank you
“Unable to retrieve full text” is obtained if the links in the feed are in arabic characters. This occurs only in self-hosted script. However when the same feed is used with fivefiters-hosted script, the result is perfect.
Example feed: http://partner.dw.com/rdf/rss-ar-all
Our self-hosted script is at: http://www.mostafashaheen.com/full-text-rss/
Can you help me resolving this problem.
Thank you!

I can’t see that error. But I do see HTML being preserved in the output, which suggests perhaps you’ve changed something in the code?

May be I’ve done some changes, but I reverted to the purchased copy and removed all my modifications. I still have the same problem

While the articles are extracted correctly on the hosted website

Wael Shaheen

Thanks for the report. My guess is that this has to do with the URL encoding and HTTP method used. I’ve marked this to be looked into. You’ll notice that it does work if you give it the URL to a single page on the site:


Yes, it is most probably related to this issue (url encoding). I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

Wael Shaheen