"Unable to retrieve full-text content" (self-hosting)

@fivefilters First of all thanks a lot for quick support service.

And as your instruction i have checked all steps in UPDATING.txt.

and also i have updated latest set of site config files via GitHub:

But… But… But…

plz notice that news story article of LiveMint:

When i create feed for this url from FiveFilter official FTR tool from https:// www. fivefilters .org/ > https:// www .fivefilters .org/full-text-rss/ > http:// ftr. fivefilters. org/

Then it’s creating Feed correctly (Here is url of created feed : British PM Rishi Sunak pledges to stabilise economy, here's his speech minutes) Like see in below pic…

But my problem is that when i am trying to create same LiveMint Story Feed from my self hosted package then i am getting the error : * [unable to retrieve full-text content] …See below


now the main problem is that only a few sites like (Times of India) are working on Full-Text RSS Self hosted, but before today, i daily use hundreds of sites everyday from my FTR self hosted package on http:// localhost/ and all sites was working correctly & excellently.

But from Today Morning i am getting this problem for almost all of my hundreds list of sites.

So plz i humble request from @fivefilters Team to understand my concern on this issue, because this is main part of my daily job and from today i am literally unemployed😔

plz solve it As Soon As Possible. i am waiting for your reply…

Hi there,

From your description, it doesn’t sound like a software problem with Full-Text RSS, but a networking issue that’s preventing your computer/server from requesting content from these sites. Sometimes this is due to the remote server refusing to respond to your requests (e.g. because of an IP block). This would explain why some sites are working and others are not.

The easiest way to test this is to set up a new, unmodified instance of Full-Text RSS on a different server and try processing feeds on there.

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Hay Team @fivefilters it cheers ! :grinning: ya really i got this, it’s networking problem, and i tried it on different internet routers and it’s working fine. Thanks a Lot from bottom of heart for explain me. :heart_eyes:

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Excellent! Glad to hear :slight_smile: