unable to retrieve full-text content - problem parsing the rss feed

FTR seems to have issues with analysing/parsing the RSS feed as although the feed has five items, FTR appears to find it only has one (comparing with debug info of feeds that work fine with FTR) which it then can’t manage to analyse or load. This looks like it could be a bug. Here’s the end part of the debug information:

Hi David, thanks for reporting this. This looks to me like the server is not happy with the way Full-Text RSS is making the request. We might need to include additional headers, or change the header values to please the server hosting the domain. At the moment the reason you don’t get a response is because the server is sending a 407 Proxy Authentication Required response to Full-Text RSS, rather than the document requested.

Thank you for your investigation and prompt response.


I have the same issue, mine is with the pdf newspaper. It only happens when I try to extract full feed (hence link to the other David’s issue) - the pdf is generated fine with fetch full text not enabled.

David C

Hi David C - is your issue also with this particular feed - http://www.infiniteideasmachine.com/feed/ ?