[unable to retrieve full-text content] - Dailymail


I have recently purchased Full Text Extractor but cant seem to make it work with Dailymail.co.uk. I get [unable to retrieve full-text content] and just the first line. Can anyone please help fix this please



Hi there, thanks for bringing this to our attention. This appears to be a problem with how our code is parsing the feed. We’ll try to fix and report back.

Hi there,

Can you please try the following steps (to change one line of code):

  1. Open makefulltextfeed.php and look for $permalink = htmlspecialchars_decode($item->get_permalink());
  2. Change it to $permalink = htmlspecialchars_decode(trim($item->get_permalink()));
  3. Save and re-upload the file
  4. Test the feed again

This should fix it. Let us know if you still have trouble.