unable to enter kindle address

Where do I enter the Kindle address? in the preferences of the app, there is a blank space (presumably to enter the address) but it just has a spinning “not ready” gif. Restarting Firefox does not help.

Hi Jean, there’s no configuration within Firefox itself. We’ve had reports that some users do not see the Push to Kindle button on the toolbar after installing the addon. If that’s the case, you will have to move it to the toolbar yourself. Right click on the toolbar in Firefox and choose ‘Customise…’ (right click on the menu icon if you don’t see ‘Customise…’ in the list). Then drag the Push to Kindle icon onto the toolbar. Then try to load an article and click on the icon on your toolbar. It should show you a preview of the article and fields on the left to enter your Kindle address and a ‘send from’ address (to make sure it reaches your account correctly).

Hope that’s some help. If not, please let us know which version of Firefox you’re using.