Troubles with &

This video platform is a tough case, where the lowest possible class contains two parallel hyperlinks of which the second contains the title, when looking into the element inspector (see screenshot below).

How to create the RSS feed in this case?
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 18.26.19

When I check the page sourcecode, it contains nothing. Is the content only loaded by javascript?

This one might be a temporary solution:[][]=(video)

The problem here that none of that appears to be accessible to Feed Creator because it’s all pulled in via Javascript.

In your browser, if you right-click on the page and choose ‘View source’ from the menu, you should be able to see the HTML actually sent back by the server. When you use the inspector (as in your screenshot), you’re seeing the HTML after Javascript code has been executed and additional requests made to populate the original HTML. Feed Creator currently only works with the original HTML received, so sites like this will not work at this time.