Translation of Daily telegraph "Premium" articles

The Daily Telegraph now has a “Premium” facility where certain articles are available only to subscribers. Anybody who isn’t a subscriber gets the first few paragraphs of the article, then it’s greyed out with an invitation to sign up to Premium.

I’ve just sent one such article to Kindle and it seemed to work OK, but subsequent attempts have failed, ie I only get the first part of the article. Is this an issue for the Telegraph or Kindle?

Hi Ian, often these sites will let you access one or more articles before they start limiting and asking you to pay. There’s not much we can do here. If you are paying, you can use our Paste Pad to copy and paste the article contents you’d like sent to your Kindle.

Hi KM,

Thanks for that. I do have a DT subscription, so can read their stuff if I sit at the PC or use my tablet, but the Kindle’s my preferred method.

I’ve checked out your suggestion and, though I could highlight and copy the article, when I went to the PastePad page, I couldn’t get any response to a right click, let alone the paste option. I clicked on the Source button and was then able to paste the article. It works but it’s a bit long-winded, so I think I’ll give this one a miss for general stuff. I’ve bookmarked the PastePad page for reference, though.

Thanks again,


Sorry to hear that Ian. Right click works for me (I see a paste option). I can also use CTRL-V on the keyboard to paste.

If you already have a subscription, you might find some of the other send to Kindle extensions work better for these type of sites. Our method requires requesting the content from the server. Some of the other tools (e.g. Amazon’s own Send to Kindle extension) pull in the content directly from your browser - so in cases where a login is required to see the full content, they will be able to access it without a workaround like our PastePad.

Hi again KM,

I see now how the content of paid-for articles can be affected. It’s only a minor part of my activity, so no need to do anything else. The app works really well with all other pages, except that I sometimes lose 3-4 chr off the right hand side of the page when looked at on the Kindle. It may be content from just one paper; I can’t remember.

Overall, a very useful system. MUCH better than Send to Kindle!

I’ll feed your comments back to the newspaper for their information, but suspect it won’t make any difference.

Thanks again,