Transforming exerpt-content RSS feeds into auto full-content RSS Feed URL's

Dear support team,

I am trying to use your Full-Text RSS online to transform partial RSS-text Feed into full RSS-Text feed.

While using your online version then the result is not in xml format to use the URL as extracted and transformed solution to display the URL in full RSS-Text Feed.

PROBLEM: within the RSS NewsStream the URL is not saved or displayed after re-open the setup NewsStream

Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. using google alert RSS Feed with partial text according to these instructions >[](http://Google Alerts RSS Feed Option Not Appearing? Here’s the Fix)
  2. then using the Google Alerts RSS Feed to be transformed automatically into full content RSS Feed by using your transformed link URL.
  3. Then trying to set up my auto-news post plugin to generate posts on my blog.

The content is not collected to be used for my auto-posting solution, even if I try to use your script full-text-rss (older version) on my own server. At own server usage, there are the images not collected and missing in the resulting content URL.

step 1
Transform excerpt RSS Feed to full content
step 2
The result is not generating a full-content rss feed URL to be used as Full content RSS feed URL

Transformation Screenshot >

Please help to find out why it’s not working to auto-extract the rss feeds to get full content AND to use this URL in my plugin to create spun content auto-posts of full content RSS-Feed URL’s from google alerts RSS feeds.

Best, Alex

Hi Alex,

I’m not sure I understand. In your screenshot, everything looks okay. You enter the feed URL of the partial feed (Google Alerts feed) into Full-Text RSS. Full-Text RSS creates and shows you its full-text output. At this point you need to copy the URL you see in your browser’s address bar (starting with and paste that into whatever application you’re using. This feed URL should replace the URL of the partial feed in the application where you want the full-text feed to be used.

If you’re experiencing trouble somewhere in these steps, please elaborate.

Hi again,

sorry if I am confusing you in my way to collect full text feeds.
On your software I have 2 problems to solve:

  1. Collect full rss feeds content to be transformed into a full text content RSS Feed URL.
    Using your online tool the full text is displayed after collecting the full content, BUT the result is not submitted in XML rss feed format. Screenshot -

  2. I’d like to use your transforming URL (submitting content in xml format) to be used in my newsMaker plugin to proceed then the collected content and start the content curation process.

  3. If I use your software on my own server then the content is missing the images and also is not in xml format. Screenshot >

I need to use your content extraction in dynamic way to be able to pull the full content from google news alerts rss URL and then to setup your transformed full content URL to be used in setup within the newsMaker plugin. This would be setup 1 time and automatically would be generating new posts after new content would be submitted from google alerts rss feed.

I hope you are able to understand my problems now.

Best regards, Alex

Hi again Alex,

BUT the result is not submitted in XML rss feed format.

The result we produce is RSS (XML), but we also load a stylesheet so your browser renders the feed in a nicer way. Have you tried copying the URL (beginning with into your application?

You can validate the output of any feed using this site if you want to make sure the output is valid RSS or not:

I’m afraid we can’t help with integration with other software. We can only help with the output of our own software: valid RSS with extracted content, where possible.

Regarding your last point, the feed we generate is dynamic. When our feed is requested, we consult the source feed for updates and produce a full-text feed based on the source feed. So you use our feed in place of the original feed - it functions in a similar way to a regular RSS feed.

Hope that’s some help.