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When creating a feed from this site, then titles aren’t recognized – the title field remains empty, see http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/index.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Frussian.rt.com%2Finotv%2Fcatalog%2Fcountry%2Fat&in_id_or_class=link-overlay&unique_title=0&url_contains=&key=&action=Preview#results

Why is that?

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In this case the HTML source looks as follows (edited to highlight the important parts)

<section id="news">
    <a href="/.../ORF-Putin-otpravil-armiyu-na" class="link-overlay"></a>
    <img src="/...blank.gif" class="preview_photo" style="background-image:...">
    <div class="news-list-header">ORF: Путин отправил армию на борьбу с сибирскими пожарами</div>
    <p>В Сибири продолжают....</p>
      <time datetime="2019-08-01" counter="1" is_more_news="1">1 августа 2019</time>
      <cite><a href="/inotv/catalog/channel/ORF">ORF</a></cite>                                    

When you use in_id_or_class the element you target should be or contain an <a> element with both URL and article title. In this case it contains the URL (in the href attribute) but not title. The title actually appears in <div class="news-list-header">

So your parameters to Feed Creator need to change. You need to use CSS selectors to tell Feed Creator what the element containing a single news item is, and then which elements within that contain the information you want (url, title).

item: article
item_url: .link-overlay
item_title: .news-list-header

The final result will look like:


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Thank you, this helped a lot!

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