The Chive extractor?

Hello, I’m relatively new to FTR and still trying to understand how it works. I’ve read the documentation, but I can’t say for sure I understand every step FTR takes to retrieve the feed and then decide whether to proceed with “content extraction” from the URL returned in the “link” section of the RSS response.

I have the example above of a feed I’d like FTR to retrieve the content for, but for some reason it just doesn’t go into each of the URL’s in the feed to retrieve the images contained in each one…

Can someone provide some guidance…? What do I need to configure to “make” FTR retrieve the content from the links…?

Thank you


Just to be clearer, in the screenshot below I’d expect FTR to request the content of that URL ( and return it, but for some reason it doesnt do that… It just returns the first picture…

Hi Fabio,

The problem here is that the images that load after the first image aren’t part of the HTML response. Your browser has to execute Javascript to load them, and Full-Text RSS does not execute Javascript when it processes HTML files. So if there are elements on the page that only appear as a result of Javascript execution, you won’t be able to retrieve them with Full-Text RSS.

One way to check this is to examine the source HTML by right-clicking on the page in your browser and then choosing “View page source”. That will show you the HTML as sent back by the server.

I see, thank you for the explanation!