t3n.de With "Read More" Link in RSS Feed

Hi there,
if you rss t3n.de/rss.xml with FTR you’ll see “read more” links and only a portian of the article is shown.

Any clues how to circumvent this?
This: next_page_link: //a[contains(text(), ‘weiterlesen auf t3n.de’)]
didn’t work…

Many thanks

Hi Axel,

It turns out this website presents a cookie wall asking users to accept the conditions before they can view the content. We always try to get through these because Full-Text RSS is acting on your behalf and the cookies the site wants you to consent to receiving are never actually sent back to you by Full-Text RSS, so we can safely ignore them.

This issue has now been addressed in the site config files, so if you’re using a self-hosted version of Full-Text RSS, please update your site config files, and the RSS feed should begin to work.

Thanks, worked great.

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