t3n.de - Duplicate Images (Lazy?)

Hi there,
I need a tip regarding t3n.de:
Although the main image is only loaded once during the execution of my self hosted ftr I receive duplicate main images for each article in my freshrss instance (and also with my rss reader netnewswire).

I guess it has something to do with lazy loading. Inserting

# fix image lazy loading
find_string: data-src="
replace_string: src="

did not do the trick - unfortunately.

Any ideas? Thx in advance, Axel

Hi there, this might have to do with <noscript> elements. We’ve updated the site config file. Can you try that and see if it helps: Update t3n.de.txt · fivefilters/ftr-site-config@6ac47b7 · GitHub

Hi, works like a charm. Thx.

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