Syntax of "http_header(cookie):" for Multiple Cookies

The release notes of version 3.5 only say “http_header(cookie): Blablabla” about the syntax of the cookie header.

How to set multiple cookies? Some of the tries I made:

http_header(cookie): a=test_a; b=test_b
http_header(cookie): a=test_a; b=test_b;
http_header(cookie): “a=test_a; b=test_b;”
http_header(cookie): a=test_a;b=test_b;
http_header(cookie): a=“test_a”; b=“test_b”;
http_header(cookie): a=test_a, b=test_b,

They apparently did not work, but I could be wrong and the issue be something else.

Hi Esther, the first line in your example looks good to me. Can you send us the full site config file and a test URL so we can try it out? You’re welcome to email us at

Thank you for the confirmation, Keyvan.

I found the source of the issue and it is working now. (I think it was the absence of a cookie from a parent domain that I wasn’t including.)

Case is closed.

Esther Dunn