Suggestion for Chrome extension enhancement

At present, all the chrome extension does is open the kindle-it with the URL parameter of the requested page.

Most of the sites that I tend to push to kindle are already tried and tested. That means I don’t really need to see the preview (besides, I can’t do much with the preview anyway!). I click send, and then later close the window when it’s done.

So I’d like to make a suggestion to extend the Chrome extension in the following way: when I click the extension icon, it’ll open a pop up. The pop up will have a form with pre-loaded the URL of the page requested. It’ll also load from preferences the required email addresses, and a check box whether to skip the preview step. Then I click the button, it queues the document to push it to kindle, and collects the status of the send in the background. It shall keep a history of docs converted in the local storage.

Do you think it’ll be useful?


Hi there, thanks for the suggestion.

We will consider doing this, but nothing planned at the moment.

One of our users created a nice Chrome extension that sends instantly (without preview) which you might want to use:

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!