Suggestion about links processing

It’ll be pretty good if you replace this (due to a lot of international characters in links nowadays):

$urls[$key] = $permalink;

to this:

function encodeURL($url) {
    $reserved = array('%2D'=>'-','%5F'=>'_','%2E'=>'.','%21'=>'!', '%2A'=>'*', '%27'=>"'", '%28'=>'(', '%29'=>')');
    $unescaped = array('%3B'=>';','%2C'=>',','%2F'=>'/','%3F'=>'?','%3A'=>':','%40'=>'@','%26'=>'&','%3D'=>'=','%2B'=>'+','%24'=>'$');
    $score = array('%23'=>'#');
    return strtr(rawurlencode($url), array_merge($reserved,$unescaped,$score));
$urls[$key] = encodeURL($permalink);

Hi there, thanks for the contribution. Can you provide a URL which you encountered which Full-Text RSS cannot process because of this?

It’s a private information. I can say that there was english and urlencoded japanese characters in the original feed links. Also resulting dc:identifier contained incorrect unencoded representation of those characters.

Suggested patch fixed the problem. Though the method is not the best because it encodes domain name part in the same way as relative path part and there are non-english domains sometimes.