Substack begun to only send part article

This Substack was sending ok until v recently. Now not.
Thanks for looking at it.


  • do you have a subscription with substack? The article has a paywall.
  • are you trying this with a desktop browser or mobile
  • if subscriber and desktop, have you tried it with the browser addon?

Hi Holger
Yes, have a sub to this Substack
Mobile - android
No not used browser add on as it was working with app just a few days ago. (Edit - It does work with it)

Hi Grahame,

Our Push to Kindle mobile apps cannot send the article content loaded in your browser. It’s a limitation of the mobile platforms. What occurs with the mobile apps is that Push to Kindle receives the article URL and tries to retrieve it itself. But it will then get what a regular (non-paying) user would get. If our mobile app works on some Substack articles, it’s likely that they are not behind a paywall. Or were not behind a paywall before.

Our browser addons can send the article content loaded in your browser tab. So as a subscriber, the full content should be sent if you use the browser addons.

We have an experimental solution for mobile users that does a similar thing, but it’s a little fiddly to set up. If you’d like to try it, you can find instructions here: Push to Kindle bookmarklet

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Strange thing is the app worked fine until very recently. Maybe they ‘hardened up’ the security of something on Substack