substack articles doubled

When I use Push to Kindle on substack articles, the article is always doubled. Two identical copies, one appended after the other. This has been happening for a few weeks, maybe since 2.6.6 but I’m not sure. Thanks.

Hi Joe, we can’t reproduce this. Perhaps it’s only happening on some Substack articles. Can you provide a link to a Substack article where you’re getting double copies?

And could you let us know:

  • If you’re seeing the duplication in the preview panel too.
  • The browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Hope we can figure out what’s going on here.

Good morning.

I am using Brave browser. Just did a test and the problem does not occur on Chrome or Edge.

Here’s the substack URL, although I think it happens on all Substack articles:

And yes, the problem appears in the preview (in Brave) as well as the doc delivered to my Kindle.

Thanks for checking on this, and thanks for making this wonderful Push To Kindle utility!

Hi Joe,

Sorry for the slow response. We’ve now tested some more Substack articles (both paid and free) using Push to Kindle on Brave, and aren’t able to reproduce this problem. I wonder if there is another Brave extension interfering somehow. If you think that might be a cause, please try disabling other extensions temporarily and let us know if that fixes things.

Also, did you install Push to Kindle from Push to Kindle - Chrome Web Store on Brave? That’s the one we tested with.