Spectator uk articles chopped

Only getting very shortened versions of articles.



@Atheling This is a paywall site. There is no full content for not-logged-in users.

Are you a subscriber of spectator.co.uk?

If yes, did you try the pushtokindle browser extension? With activated ‘Use browser-retreived content’ in the ‘Edit’-menu


Please report if this works and if there is something else missing or should be removed. If so, we need the html source from a logged-in user.

Or maybe you find a free article and can post the link

Thanks Holger. I am a subscribed user. I thought a few articles were free every month to all?
I have the app from Amazon appstore (can’t see app there any more to update?) and only access articles on my android tablet and use the Share option. I can’t seem to find a way to get a specific Chrome browser ext. despite reading that page you linked to?

@Atheling that is a a plugin for desktop browsers. I don’t know if the mobile app has the option to use browser retrieved content. I don’t use Android.

You’ll find all browser extensions and mobile apps here:

and I asked, if you have a subscription of Spectator UK not of Push2Kindle.

Ah maybe not clearly stated by me. Yes I do have a subscription to Spectator UK and was logged in - and I think non-subscribers can access a few articles a month so should be possible to test?

@Atheling unfortunately not. One can get a Spectator trial subscription with a free month. But you have to register and must be logged in to get full text. But that is not how P2K works. The mobile app just sends the URL of the article to P2K server which tries to get/extract the content from source site. But as there is yet no mechanism to submit credentials here (neither from user to P2K, nor from P2K to source site), it is unfortunately not possible to get full content from your Android to your kindle/epub/etc.

At the moment, the only working way is to use a desktop browser with the P2K browser extension

Hi Holger
I understand your explanation but The Telegraph and Unherd are also subscription-based and I get full articles from them using the app. Also I never use the PC to browse articles unfortunately.

Yes, but not every website is the same. Unheard and maybe The Telegraph only have a ‘light’ paywall, which can be lifted with some tricks. Unfortunately all tricks I know, doesn’t work with Spectator UK

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@Atheling, as @HolgerAusB says, some paywalls aren’t enforced, so you get the same results with the Push to Kindle mobile app and the PC browser extension. But some paywalls do require that you’re logged in to view the content (at least some of the content). I suspect the Spectator site is like this.

The Push to Kindle PC browser extensions work better on such sites. If you don’t use Push to Kindle on your PC, we do have an alternative version of Push to Kindle for Chrome for Android for sites like this that you may want to try. It’s a little fiddly to set up, but if you’d like to try you’ll find instructions here:


Thanks for the explanations guys. I’ll check out the bookmarklet.