"Sorry, couldn't send the article"


I am trying to push this article to Kindle using the Chrome Push to Kindle extension - The Things by Peter Watts : Clarkesworld Magazine – Science Fiction & Fantasy

But it yields the “Sorry, couldn’t send the article” error message.

Never had problems before, any ideas?



I am NOT a dev here and NOT a user of P2K. But I tried your link with my kindle and had no problems.

@ConfusingTrousers, If you try again and the error persist I suggest to send an email to help@fivefilters.org and explain in detail what steps you do and what is your input to the fields.

Espacialy name your kindle-mail-adress and your mail-adress from which you subscribed to P2K (if so). Both you should NOT post here.

And you should write the exact date, time and timezone when you tried it, so maybe they can look to the logfiles.

@ConfusingTrousers Could you please try sending again? It might have been a glitch at the time you tried because we’re not seeing any issues.

If you still have trouble, please post again here or email us at help@fivefilters.org.

We should also point out that for privacy reasons we do not log who sends what with Push to Kindle. Usually problems are apparent from the URLs users report to us (ie. we can see if there’s an article extraction problem). If we suspect there are delivery issues connected to a particular user account, we can work with users to temporarily enable logging for their address, but only if they agree to it.