Site pattern for CNN

I am unable to build a site pattern for CNN without triggering the following error: is not supported by your browser”

Any suggestions?

PS. I’ve been using the following link for testing:

Hi there, we’ll need to address this issue in the next Full-Text RSS update. We currently have code that follows redirects embedded in the HTML. In this case the redirect is intended to be conditional (only applying to users of older browsers). Full-Text RSS does not parse the page exactly as a browser does, so follows the redirect anyway. That’s why you see the ‘not supported by your browser’ message.

Thanks for reporting this.

Any ETA on the update?


Hi Keyvan,

This doesn’t appear to be fixed in FTR 3.8. A more complex bug to fix than expected?

Dexter O.

This should be fixed in 3.8. I’d tested with the site config file (which I think is what European visitors to get redirected to). I’ve now added the same replacement rules to so if you update your site config files, this should work.

In 3.8 we’re applying the string replacement rules before the meta redirect detection. That’s how we’re dealing with this at the moment.

Wonderful, thank you!

Dexter O.