Simple Print - Possible to enlarge font size?

I love the Simple Print’s smart formatting; it saves me loads of paper and toner, and the columns make reading much easier.

Sometimes, though, the font size is so small that my aging eyes can’t handle it, and the output is much smaller than the original page. I assume this is driven by some setting on the source site.

Is there any way to override this default and enlarge the type in the SP output?

Hi Dan, sorry you have trouble with font sizing. We do intend to allow users to override the font size in a future update, but what you describe does sound like a bug.

Do you happen to have the page address (URL) that produces this problem? If you do, and you’re able to share it, please feel free to submit the page to us so we can investigate and figure out what’s going on. You can email us at with the page address or post it here.

Example of small rendered type:

Thanks Dan, I can see that Simple Print produces 5 pages for this article. The way it works at the moment is it produces 3 versions of the PDF with three different font sizes: small, medium and large (there’s a small variation between these three sizes, mostly intended to reduce paper use). If changing the font size doesn’t change the number of pages produced, the largest font size will be selected, but if it does, it will step down a font size.

We’ve had some reports of this auto-sizing not working well with strange results on some articles, so I thought that’s perhaps what you’d experienced. But the 5-page PDF I can see from Simple Print for this article is the way it’s currently intended to work. But we do realise the smallest font size used, as in this example, can be quite difficult to read, so we are trying to work on a solution so users can override it and opt for larger sizing.

I’m afraid I can’t say when that option will be implemented, but we’ll update here and on our blog when it is.