Simple Print: Can I automate/abbreviate process?

I love Simple Print and use it a dozen times a day. I also use it the same way every time: a) click the menubar icon, b) choose Letter format, c) click pdf preview, d) click Print icon, d) click Print. Is there any way to bypass a) through d) as a default process and go directly to the Print step? The repetitive steps feel like a waste of time. Thanks!

Hi Dan,

Happy to hear you’re finding Simple Print useful. We don’t at the moment have a shortcut like that, but improving the Simple Print service is part of our plan, so hopefully we can do this in the future.

But one of your steps above should be remembered by your browser. After first use, you shouldn’t be prompted for the page size again and again. If you’ve configured your browser (or perhaps an extension) not to store cookies or local storage, you might want to make an exception for so it can save your page size preference.