Shortcut key

I’m supporting you via Patreon, and I also bought the Android App. I’m using both Push to Kindle 2.1 on Chrome and the app.
I have a request regarding Chrome extension: please add shortcut keys to preview and send, like on Amazon’s Send to Kindle, it would make a lot more efficient experience.

Thanks for the good work,

Hi Marek,

Many thanks for supporting Push to Kindle development. Really appreciate it.

It’s possible to assign a keyword shortcut to bring up the preview screen in both Chrome and Firefox. By default Alt+Shift+K, but you can change these in both browsers. In Chrome by entering chrome://extensions/shortcuts in the address bar.

I assume you want a keyboard shortcut that will send the article as well. We’ve had a few requests for that, so will be looking into it for future releases.

Thanks again!