Share sheet in iOS app?

Seems like this has been asked a few times, but I bought Push To Kindle 2 days ago and on my iPhone 11 Pro it never appears in the share sheet. Am I missing something here?

Hi there,

If you don’t see Push to Kindle in the share sheet, can you please try the following:

  1. Open an article in Safari
  2. Tap the Share button
  3. Swipe to the end of the row of app icons, where you should find a ‘More’ button
  4. Push to Kindle should appear in that list under Suggestions.
  5. If you click ‘Edit’ in this view, you should be able to tap the ‘+’ button for Push to Kindle to mark it as a favourite.
  6. Push to Kindle should now always appear in your share sheet (without having to go to ‘More’).

Please let us know if you still have trouble.

Thanks for that, but it is definitely not in the share sheet list anywhere. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still not there?

Hmm, very odd. Are you able to open Push to Kindle okay from your apps list (not the share sheet)? If so, does it appear in the share sheet after that? Can you also tell us which iOS version you’re on so we can investigate?

We’ve had other reports of this, but not that many and they all seem to get resolved - we assumed because of the steps above to add the icon to favourite shares.

Yes the app opens OK and has done a few times. iOS 14.4.

Thank you for the update. And sorry it’s not working for you. I’ll update again here after we’ve tested a little more to see if we can reproduce this.

I would offer to refund you, but that’s not something Apple gives us the option of doing, so if you would like a refund while we try to figure out what’s going on, please contact Apple Support: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple - Apple Support

In the meantime, it’s not as convenient, but you can install our Push to Kindle bookmarklet to use via Safari for iOS. Instructions here: Push to Kindle bookmarklet -

Thanks for that. I have the bookmarklet and that works well. I will wait for a solution- this is the only setup that transfers articles fully to the Kindle for me.

Thanks! We’ll update here again soon.

and now it has appeared, 3 days after installing? This is so odd, but I’m glad it turned up😂

Very strange! Thanks for the update. Sounds like something we need to fix if it’s not showing up immediately after install.