Several warnings

Dear all,

I am using the self hosted version 3.3 of Full-Text RSS and I was thinking about purchasing it, but I am having some issues and I do not know if they are related to my hosting.

For example, right now:

If I enter the rss url in your website, it works fine:

The compatibility check is fine:
except I do not have Tidy, which my host provider won’t install.

The question is if the error/warnings depend on the feed, full-text rss or my hosting.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Dario Di Ludovico

Hi Dario,

Thanks for the question. This particular relates to libxml and its error reporting, so it’s an hosting environment issue. We were not aware that this was an issue until fairly recently when we received reports of the error. This issue is fixed in Full-Text RSS 3.4, so if you buy the latest version you shouldn’t experience these errors.

If you’d like to continue using 3.3, you can add the following line to makefulltextfeed.php (near the top of the file):


Hope that’s some help.

Best, Keyvan from