Send PDFs unchanged?

hey Push to Kindle folks,

Is there a way to configure Push-to-Kindle to detect PDFs, or pages that appear to be a single link which is a resolveable link to a PDF, and send that PDF unchanged?

I have a Kindle Scribe specifically for reading ordinary-size PDFs on a comfortable screen because I am a huge nerd who enjoys reading court documents recreationally. I am very lazy and would like to shove a PDF to my Kindle in one or two clicks instead of downloading it, logging into Amazon’s send-to-Kindle thing, dragging the file into it, and then eventually maybe remembering to clean up the debris in my infinitely large downloads directory.

Neither your extension nor Amazon’s does this, unless I’m overlooking a setting somewhere - is there a way to do this?

In my perfect fantasy world, Push To Kindle Premium would have the option to automatically trim off all but 0.25" of the margins – have you seen just how little of the page Supreme Court documents fill? – but that’s way harder than just sending the file as it is, which would be a big improvement.

Hi there,

We should already be doing this. But when it’s a PDF, we send two copies:

  1. The PDF as-is
  2. The PDF with a request for Amazon to convert it to an e-book to benefit form reflowable/resizable text.

If this isn’t working for you, please give us the URL of the PDF that you tried and we’ll take a look.

Amazon also offers a Send to Kindle app for Windows and Mac OS. Using that might be easier for sending PDF files that you’ve downloaded. Send To Kindle Landing PC Page

Interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. We would like to offer more options for PDF files. Hopefully in a future update.