Selfhosted vs. Premium


I have purchased a premium account and my feed works fine. Now I have bought the self hosted version, but it can not succsessfully get the contend from the feed.

“[unable to retrieve full-text content]”

I thought the premium version and the self hosted are the same?`

URL is:

(On Premium I see every picture on self hosted only [unable to retrieve full-text content] shows up)

Do you have any advice?

Thanks Christian, yes, the two should be the same. Have you checked to see if you’re using the latest set of site config files. You can update them if you enable the admin area, or download the set manually from

If that doesn’t work, can you give us the compatibility test results (link on the main Full-Text RSS page) and also enable debug mode when creating the feed and email the output to us so we can see what might be going wrong.

Hope we can find a solution.

Thanks for you answer,

I have downloaded the latest updates, but it don’t work as good as on the premium site.

Here is the debug output from my self hosted instance:
and from the premium site:


Ah, now I see the Problem, I did’t not have tidy activated. Thanks for helping me :smiley:


No problem Christian, I’d forgotten to mention Tidy, but glad you spotted it, and I’m happy it’s working as expected now. :slight_smile: