Script to install bundle

Can we have a script to install all the products onto one server, instead of the current situation where we only have a script to install one of the products onto a server?

Each product, such as

comes with a copy/paste for you to install the application onto a Hetzner VPS running Ubuntu 18.04.

Some people buy all the products, by purchasing the bundle, but there is no script present to have all the products put onto the same server. You would end up running 3 servers, one for each script.

Could you please create a script so that we could have all of them installed at once?

Thanks yeehi, that’s something we hope to do soon. We’ve also had a lot of requests for Docker images which we’re hoping to provide too.

In the meantime, if you want to run our products on a single server, we suggest using our VPS server setup script to prepare a new VPS instance. That should provide all the necessary server components for the applications in our bundle. You can then upload each application into its own directory, e.g. /var/www/html/full-text-rss/ /var/www/html/pdf-newspaper/, etc.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Thanks for working on that and the reply. Five Filters is a great set of tools to have in this day and age. Also, it was a pleasure to pay for software released under this licence.

Thanks for the kind word, yeehi. Glad you find the tools useful :slight_smile:

Thanks, five filters!

We followed the server setup script you provided and that worked well.
How do we upload the applications into the Hetzder VPS? What tool do we use? How do we login to that server?


Tool: Filezilla
Host: IP address emailed by Hetzder
User: root
Password: your chosen password
Port: 22

Use Filezilla to upload your Five Filters folders into the /var/www/html/ folder on your server. Once they are there, power cycling the server worked well to enable you to see your Five Filter tools using your web-browser. You can do this by putting your servers ip address in the address bar, followed by a / and the name of the folder of the tool you wanted.

As an example, if your server’s IP address was 123.456.789.123 and you uploaded the unzipped full-text-rss folder, then entering the following in your favourite web browser would take you to your tools:


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Thanks yeehi, we’ll add this to the docs soon. Appreciate the feedback.