Save To Permanent html or php Page

Our paid version of this program has been running extremely well for us.

We extract various RSS feeds and display them individually on a php page.

This page is updated twice a day and displays the latest news as per the rss feed generated by the news source.

But we would like to have a system where we could build an html or php page every day and keep this permanently so that readers can go back and look at news for the previous days, weeks, months and years. This is especially desirable as some of the original material is from small and niche sites that might disappear at any time.

Ideally we would like to grab 5 rss feeds and put them into one new and permanent page every day.

Is there any way to do this?

HI there,

Glad to hear Full-Text RSS has been working well for you.

What you describe is possible, but it’s not something that Full-Text RSS itself can do. You’ll have to write code to store the information you pull out of the Full-Text RSS results somewhere in your own application.

If you want to combine feeds, you might want to do so using a tool like first and then give the result to Full-Text RSS.

Hope that’s some help.