rss sources is password-protected site

I use FTRSS to extract the (customised feeds) from one of the EU’s sites ( - recently however, the site in question made changes to its policy and requires authentication; since then, FTRSS does no longer retrieve the feeds …

Is there a way to set the password for a source site somewhere in the config files?

Hi Johan, Full-Text RSS expects the feed and content to be publically accessible. If you can give us a link to the feed, I can have a look and see what kind of authentication it uses and see if there’s some kind of workaround for providing login details.! I do have a valid account there and would love to be able to get full feeds of articles. Right now I can get a few, but then the feeds come through with this message:

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Oops here is an example feed, there are many of them:


Thanks Cynthia, will look into this.