RSS shows just last 10 articles


I’m using self-hosted Full-Text Rss. I’ve added RSS feed:
to Full-Text Rss:
and set max items to 50

but as I see feed shows just last 10 articles. Is it possible to show more?

Hi Kacper,

The maximum parameter won’t have an effect in Full-Text RSS if the source feed does not contain the number of items requested. In this case, the feed you’re passing to Full-Text RSS contains 10 items. So the max parameter will only work between 1 and 10 for this feed.

So as I understand it’s not possible to show more than 10 items?


It is, but not if the source feed does not contain more than 10 items. Full-Text RSS can only work with the input feed given to it. If the input feed contains only 5 items, Full-Text RSS will only be able to return a full-text feed with 5 items, regardless of what you put in the max parameter.

That aside, we don’t generally recommend increasing the max parameter too much. The more Full-Text RSS has to process in one request, the more strain it’s going to put on the server. As feeds are generally meant to be monitored for new items, we recommend polling the feed to get new items as they appear. If you subscribe to our feeds in a news reader, that’s what will happen.

At present i use Feedly - where for a feed i can view the OLDER FEEDS upto 500 PREVIOUS DAYS (the total number of feeds shown by feedly is around 5000) - Feedly shows all those feeds just by scrolling down.

But when i tried fivefilters today - it was showing me only 3 feeds for a feed for which i was able to see the feeds for last 500 days without using fivefilters in feedly.

Please suggest, Is this the limitation of fivefilters ? as i’m planning to subscribe to fivefilters soon.

ONE MORE THING -> I’m able to see the feeds for ALL 500 days in feedly using the FREE SERVICE but not using - Any specific reason for that ?

The reason why i want to switch to fivefilters is that stops working many days


Hi Kacper,

Thanks for the question. My understanding is that feedly archives older feed items when it retrieves them. So if someone else has subscribed to a feed URL with Feedly before you, when you subscribe you see the historical items because they’ve already been pulled in by Feedly. This is also how Google Reader used to work. But this relies on the feed URL. So if you’re not seeing older items when you subscribed to the feed URL we generate, it likely means that either no one else has subscribed to that in Feedly, or perhaps not enough have subscribed for feedly to begin archiving the feed (not sure how Feedly’s system works, so you might have to ask them about it).

One thing I should mention is that if you subscribe to our premium service, you will have to regenerate your feeds - we use different feed URLs in the premium service, unique to users. So there will be no historical record then, even if there are other users of our service subscribed to that feed in Feedly because their feed URL will look different to yours.

Hope that clears things up a bit. Feel free to reply if it doesn’t.

Best, Keyvan

Thanks Keyvan,

You’ve perfectly answered all of my queries in all the three posts.

I’m planning to go for fivefilters premium service soon for MANY websites for which i don’t need historical feeds but need the header pictures and footer user-comments and would use free service fulltextrssfeed for FEW websites for which i need historical feeds with full-text.

I’m in consultation with one technical person to evaluate how to use the self-hosted plan and would go for it Only.

(1) One thing, if you’ve any idea (which i think you’d have :-), based on your Perfect Technical Answers) - if i’m going to save around 30,000 feeds (90% text, 10% images) from 30-40 sources, per month in feedly using fivefilters (full text rss) - AROUND how much it MAY cost me PER MONTH for availing Hosting service (Just a ROUGH estimate - like $2, $5, $10, $20, $35, $50 PER MONTH etc)

(2) Is there something more advanced in the free service - why it is able to show FULL TEXT for ALL the Historical feeds in feedly while fivefilters is not (I understand that one reason may be the Quality and Accuracy of FEEDS and Service, but any other reason - if you’d like to add), and is there ANY SCOPE / Work-around to see the full-text for historical feeds too using fivefilters also [or any other reliable alternative to fulltextrssfeed, as it goes down suddenly for many days]