RSS feed cleanup: keep only..

I wish to have the option to clean up the feed text, not only by removing certain strings, but also keeping only certain strings going to the next comma.
For example: Feed Creator (RSS Generator) ·
in description: Keep only text beginning with “Anfrage…” or with “Antwort…” before the comma.

An alternative approach would be, to go deeper in the HTML hirarchy. But here the desired description text lays right after HTML code br and before the next comma.

How to get only this text?

Here is the concerning page: view-source:Informationsfreiheitsanfragen - FragDenStaat

We don’t yet offer a lot of control over the description text itself, but as the text after the comma is in a HTML span element, you can use the CSS cleanup filters to remove those span elements. In this case the span element has a title attribute, so you can use the CSS selector span[title].

See Feed Creator (RSS Generator) ·

Thank you.
Unfortunately this does not remove enough of elements.
And “small span[class]” doesn’t do anything.

Please provide the Feed Creator URL where you’ve used this and it’s not doing anything. After clicking ‘Preview’ copy the URL in your browser and paste it here.