Reuters RSS feeds are down

Good morning,

I wanted to let the website administrators know that the Reuters RSS feeds shared here (and featured in tutorials here and here) haven’t updated in over a week. It appears that Reuters has changed their website which broke the feeds.

The FiveFilters blog post says that:

These feeds are hosted by our Feed Control application and we’ll do our best to keep them working, even if there are changes on the Reuters side.

As a result, I wanted to make sure that the site administrators knew that there were, indeed, changes on the Reuters side.

Thank you for all that you do - this is a wonderful service!

Hi there, many thanks for letting us know.

We’ve updated the feeds now so they should continue working. No change to the feed URLs are needed if you subscribe to them. The Wire webpage, however, is inaccessible on the Reuters site, so unless that changes, that particular feed will not get updates.

We’ve also updated the post mentioning the update.

Thanks again for letting us know about the change, and for the kind words about the service. Glad you’re finding it useful.

Wonderful! Thank you so much.

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