Retrieving content of next article ( that appears after scroll down)

Dear FiveFilters,
Thank you for creating such an awesome piece.
As mentioned in subject, you can check for this URL with JSON response:
and check the “content”. The content belongs to the next article you get after scrolling down the original site on browser.

Thank you!

Thank you for reporting this. Our content extractor looks to find the most likely looking content block on the page. In most cases the URL for a given article only contains that article. In this case, somewhat unusually, the page actually loads two articles. Our content extractor picks the second one incorrectly (most likely becuase it’s longer, so gets a higher mark for being the best content candidate). We’ve now added a rule for the site to pick out the first article on such pages. It might take a few hours for the changes to propagate. You can see the site-specific extraction rule here:

Thanks again.

Thanks for the fast reply! Its fine now!