Retain Custom Tags

Is there a way to retain any custom tags included in a feed?

In my case, I have a feed that uses an tag in each , that stores a URL to an image. The application I’m using can retrieve this, however using the script (self-hosted) the tag, along with any other custom tags, are lost.

Is there a setting that can be set, or maybe even some code that needs modification? I’m quite fluent in PHP to make changes.


Hi Miguel,

Can you give us a URL to this feed which has these custom tags? We parse feeds and then re-build them in the RSS2 format. So whatever we preserve has to be valid in the RSS spec. Happy to have a look and see if we can preserve these elements or not.

I was afraid that the invalidity of the feed would be the issue.
The feed puts an image URL for each entry in an tag, which is definitely not RSS2 compliant.

Here is the feed:

Excuse the content. It is a client’s feed, and I could not find another example that uses the tag in this way.

I was hoping that there would be a setting that would allow custom preservations, or maybe map the contents of the tag into a standard field, such as an or media:thumbnail.

Thanks for the help!

Miguel Muscat

Hi Miguel,

I see what you mean. As it’s not a valid feed element (fails the feed validator test), it’s not something we can help with or add support for. We do try to preserve enclosures, so if you’re happy to look through the code (makefulltextfeed.php), you might find a way to convert this to an enclosure (we use SimplePie for feed parsing, so you’ll have to try and get at this element through its methods).

I suspected as much.

We use SimplePie for our own software, and getting custom tags is possible, so I’ll see if I can poke around under the hood.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Miguel Muscat

No problem. Good luck! :slight_smile: